TuneSmith has been encoded in 64‑bit to support a new 64‑bit Rhyme Genie plug‑in on both platforms:

The new 64‑bit version of TuneSmith offers increased performance and tight integration with a new 64‑bit version of the Rhyme Genie plug‑in on macOS 10.12 Sierra (or higher), OS X 10.11 El Capitan and OS X 10.10 Yosemite as well as on Windows 10, 8.1, 7 (SP1).

Legacy 32‑bit versions of both TuneSmith 6.0 and Rhyme Genie 9.1 are available for users with older operating systems to match the minimum system requirements of the previously released version. Please note, however, that the use of the new Rhyme Genie plug‑in on Windows as well as the use of the new floating audio player require the 64‑bit version of TuneSmith.

The user interface has been re-designed:

TuneSmith 6 has a cleaner and more refined look to complement the design aspects of the Rhyme Genie plug‑in and offers true full screen support on the latest macOS and Windows versions. New keyboard shortcuts make it easier to control the zoom level of the TuneSmith window as well as the Rhyme Genie plug‑in window to accommodate a variety of screen sizes. To zoom in use ‘F3' on Windows and Command ⌘ '+' on macOS; to zoom out use Shift 'F3' on Windows and Command ⌘ '-' on macOS.

Buttons that used to be located in the bottom portion of the TuneSmith window have now been moved to the upper half. The backup button marked with two hard drive icons can be found at the top right of the TuneSmith window. A backup created with TuneSmith 6 is identical to previous versions and can be re-imported into TuneSmith 5 if desired.

A new audio engine has been implemented:

The previous version of TuneSmith relied on QuickTime to meet its audio needs. Since Apple ceased all further security updates of the Windows version of QuickTime TuneSmith now uses an internal audio engine.

The new internal audio engine is able to play back and maintain all your existing audio files just like the previous version, however, it is no longer possible to create mono audio recordings via the computer's microphone.

A new floating audio player offers additional playback controls and allows for the continuous playback of the selected audio file regardless of how TuneSmith’s main window is being used. Click on the window icon with the outward pointing arrow in the left corner of the audio selection menu to open the selected audio file in the new floating audio window.

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