TuneSmith® is an intuitive cross-platform software for Mac and Windows PC that offers songwriters a comprehensive set of tools for the creation and administration of their songs. As a free companion product for licensed users of the desktop version of Rhyme Genie®, TuneSmith can be registered on as many computers as desired with the same serial number that was issued for the Mac or PC version of Rhyme Genie.

Together with Rhyme Genie, TuneSmith is an invaluable songwriting companion that will help artists to stay organized and be more creative with greater ease. This quick start tutorial will give an overview of TuneSmith’s main features.

TuneSmith has the same features on both platforms and is able to run Rhyme Genie as a plug- in. The plug-in version offers all the benefits of the stand-alone version of Rhyme Genie and will run in the demo mode prior to activation.

A purchased activation code can be used to fully unlock both versions of Rhyme Genie provided they are installed on the same computer.

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