Text Ruler

Next to the ‘Spelling’ button you will find the ‘Ruler’ button. Press on the button and a ruler will be displayed in the top section of the TuneSmith screen. The ruler enables you to set first-line indents and margins for the selected text.

The first-line indent marker is displayed just above while the left and right margin markers are found just below the ruler. Moving a left margin marker will also affect the first-line indent unless the alt/option key is being pressed while dragging the markers.

In addition you can create one or more tab markers on the ruler to offset certain parts of your lyrics such as the chorus.

Click anywhere on the ruler with your mouse to create a new tab marker and drag it sideways to the desired location. Position your cursor in front of a text line and press the tab key to have the text line jump to the chosen tab position.

Unlike the first-line indent and the margin markers a tab marker can be deleted by selecting it in the ruler and dragging it downward with your mouse.

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