Chord Dictionary

TuneSmith’s offers two chord dictionaries to explore a variety of chord voicings and add the desired chords to your chord sheets.

The ‘Basic’ chord dictionary groups commonly used chords in a large selection field. You can click on any root note and chord type to see the appropriate voicing appear in the chord chart below.

Since most chords offer more than one voicing, the buttons to the left of the chord chart allow you to select the next voicing (‘>’), select the previous voicing (‘<’), delete the selected voicing (‘-’) or create a new voicing (‘+’) for the chosen chord. You can also click on the star to mark the selected voicing as your favorite.

The favorite voicing of a particular chord will be automatically selected whenever you use the ‘Generate Favorite Charts’ button to add matching chord charts to a song.

The ‘Basic’ chord dictionary offers additional information about a particular chord, which you can access by clicking on the small flap at the bottom of the selection field.

A graphic will slide up to illustrate the position on a guitar fretboard, the intervals, the notes and the unabbreviated name of the chosen chord.

Click on the small flap again to hide the additional information and regain full access to the selection field.

The ‘Pro’ chord dictionary includes all the chords of the ‘Basic’ dictionary but adds advanced Jazz chords as well as chords with altered bass notes. Choose a desired chord with the help of the pop-up menus or type its name into the ‘Quick Find’ field to add the professionally formatted chord symbol to your lyrics.

TuneSmith offers more than 4800 chord charts; the majority of them are basic chords. To add advanced chord charts to your chord sheets you will likely have to create your own voicing by clicking on the ‘+’ button after selecting the chord type. An info menu in the top part of the selection field shows the total number of chord charts entered into TuneSmith’s chord dictionary and indicates how many of those charts are custom charts, which you have added yourself.

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