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TuneSmith can be compared to a bank vault that keeps all your valuable documents in one secure place. Just like a vault TuneSmith has several storage compartments to enable you to better organize your entire song catalog and track important information related to your individual songs. You can access these compartments in the main menu in the top section of the TuneSmith screen.

Select ‘Creative Talent’ to enter the personal information about collaborators, co-writers, publishers, managers, lawyers and artists that you are in contact with regarding your songs.

Select ‘Song Catalog’ to administer all the essential information regarding your copyrights and hone your songwriting craft with an advanced text editor that can track different revisions of your lyrics as well as look up words in Rhyme Genie. Easily create chord sheets for live performances and studio sessions and use the built-in audio player to manage all the cover versions of your songs.

Select ‘Pitch Journal’ to stay on top of all the songs you have submitted to your contacts. In the music industry a submission of your songs to artists, record label representatives, film producers and music publishers is often referred to as a ‘song pitch’. TuneSmith allows you to easily track your song pitches by finding out who has put your songs on hold, who has recorded your work and who has entered the charts with one of your hits.

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