A vCard is an electronic business card with a person’s basic contact information. TuneSmith cannot only import and create standard vCards that are attached to business emails but can also exchange contact information in Apple’s extended vCard format.

This allows you to quickly transfer all the contact information residing in your OS X Address Book into TuneSmith’s ‘Creative Talent’ compartment.

1. Select one or more contact groups in your OS X Address Book and drag the selection to the desktop. OS X will create one single file with the personal information of all selected contacts.

2. Click on the button with the downward pointing arrow to the right of the main menu. A file browser will appear to let you choose the file that was created by your OS X Address Book.

You may also select and drag single contacts from your OS X Address Book to the desktop. However, the vCard that will be created will not include any contact group information.

Please note that a picture that was added to any of your contacts in the OS X Address Book will not be imported into TuneSmith automatically. To add a photo or a company logo to a creative talent simply drag and drop it into the picture field. TuneSmith will recognize images in a wide variety of formats including TIFF (.tif), JPEG (.jpg), PNG (.png) Photoshop (.psd) and Encapsulated Postscript (.eps).

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