Data Backup

All of your data is automatically saved and stored inside TuneSmith’s application folder. Nevertheless a backup should be made on a regular basis to avoid any data loss because of user errors or computer crashes.

TuneSmith maintains a single backup of your data in a specific folder named ‘Idolumic TuneSmith’ in the ‘Documents’ folder of your operating system. It is advisable to periodically copy this folder to external media to avoid irreversible data loss due to hard drive crashes.

To initiate a backup click on the ‘Backup’ button at the top right of TuneSmith’s screen.

A dialog box will offer you a choice between creating a new backup or reverting to a previously created backup. Whenever a new backup is created the existing backup will be completely replaced. To save time when backing up audio files TuneSmith will check which audio files are already present in the backup folder and only export newly added audio files.

To recover lost records choose the ‘Revert’ option in the backup dialog box.

A backup can also be used to synchronize versions of TuneSmith’s data on different computers by copying the entire backup folder from one ‘Documents’ folder to the other. Please note, however, that any customized pop-up menus will not be automatically updated. These menus must be updated manually after the import is complete by clicking on the appropriate field label while holding the control (Ctrl) key.

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