Can I install the Rhyme Genie plug‑in on Windows?

The plug‑in version of Rhyme Genie is automatically installed with all versions of TuneSmith on macOS as well as with the 64‑bit version of TuneSmith on Windows.

When using the 32‑bit version of TuneSmith on Windows the stand-alone version of Rhyme Genie allows you to benefit from all of TuneSmith's rhyme clipboard features.

Generally speaking the only difference in functionality between the 32‑bit version and the 64‑bit version of TuneSmith is that in the 32‑bit version you cannot look up words in Rhyme Genie from within TuneSmith's text editor with a single click. To look up rhymes you have to copy words via the computer clipboard or type them into Rhyme Genie's search field.

The 32‑bit and 64‑bit versions of Rhyme Genie and TuneSmith work in similar fashion when you copy Rhyme Genie's clipboard entries to TuneSmith's rhyme clipboard. The 32‑bit version merely requires an extra click; one click to copy Rhyme Genie's clipboard entries into your computer clipboard and one click to copy the computer clipboard entries into TuneSmith's clipboard. Please note that Rhyme Genie's clipboard option to copy entries in the TuneSmith format must be active. Once rhymes have been copied to TuneSmith you can select any previous search word to look up the corresponding rhyme mates by clicking on the small arrow in the top left corner of TuneSmith’s rhyme clipboard.

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