TuneSmith's interface has been refined:

The graphic user interface has been updated to take advantage of Apple's new high resolution Retina Display and allows improved rendering on Windows PCs. A new 'Preview' button can generate fully formatted and freely zoomable on-screen previews of all printouts. Numerous small improvements have been made.

A chord sheet editor with a chord dictionary has been added:

A new chord sheet editor, which offers the same style and format features as TuneSmith's lyrics editor, can add professionally formatted chord symbols with matching guitar chord charts to your lyrics. An integrated chord dictionary allows you to look up the notes, fret positions and intervals of over 4800 chords and can be used to maintain an unlimited number of custom chord charts.

The Rhyme Genie plug‑in can now automatically activate itself:

The new auto activation feature of the Rhyme Genie plug‑in makes it easier for Mac users to share TuneSmith files on multiple computers. You can now move the entire TuneSmith program folder from the 'Applications' folder of your Mac to an external hard drive. The Rhyme Genie plug‑in will automatically activate itself on each computer that has the appropriate Rhyme Genie activation file on the desktop.

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