Can I use my song catalog on multiple computers without moving and importing the backup folder?

With TuneSmith 2 (or higher) you are able to share the actual program folder of TuneSmith, which resides inside the 'Applications' folder of your operating system.

You can move the program folder from your 'Applications' folder to an external hard drive to use it on multiple computer systems.

Please note that the TuneSmith program folder can only be shared if you stay within the Mac or the Windows platform.

When the Mac or the 64‑bit Windows version of TuneSmith is shared the Rhyme Genie plug‑in will automatically activate itself on each computer that has the appropriate Rhyme Genie activation file on the desktop. Users of the 32‑bit Windows version have the option to automatically activate a shared stand-alone version of Rhyme Genie 5 (or higher) in the same fashion.

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