Contact Groups

You can organize your creative talents by adding contact groups at the left side of the TuneSmith screen.

Click on the plus sign inside the list to create a new group.

To add the currently selected creative talent to an existing contact group simply click on the circle to the right of the group’s name. A check mark will indicate that the creative talent has been added. Clicking on a circle with a check mark will remove the creative talent from the group.

To add a set of creative talents to a specific group, access a hidden pop-up menu by clicking on the small arrow at the top left just above the contact groups. Select ‘apply changes to found set’ from the pop-up menu and tick the appropriate circle. A found set represents all the records or the records that were found after a search was executed.

To quickly find all the creative talents that belong to a certain group click on the contact group’s name. The number at the top left of the information display will indicate how many creative talents have been found in the selected group.

Click on the circle with an ‘x’ on the right side of the search field to cancel your group search and show all of the creative talents entered into TuneSmith once again.

You can rename an existing group at any time by pressing the alt/option key while clicking on the appropriate contact group name.

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