Pitch Tasks

Underneath the pitch target field you can create a list of tasks to stay organized during your song pitches.

Create a new task entry by clicking on the plus sign on the left.

The field in the ‘Contact Date’ column will be automatically loaded with the current date. If you wish to create a task for any other date you can enter it manually or do so with the help of the calendar to the left.

Click on the buttons at the top of the calendar to navigate to a specific date:

Click on ‘<<’ to go to the previous year Click on ‘<’ to go to the previous month Click on ‘>’ to go to the next month Click on ‘>>’ to go to the next year. The button with the target icon will let you return to the month of the current date.

If preferred you can change the first day of the week from Sunday to Monday via a hidden pop-up menu at the top left of the calendar.

Click on a specific date inside the calendar to make it the contact date of a newly created task. Note that the new task entry will not necessarily appear at the bottom of the task list since the list is automatically sorted according to the chosen contact date. Define the new task in the ‘Pitch Notes’ column and optionally tag it with the customizable drop-down list in the ‘Contact Type’ column.

Once a task has been completed it may be checked off by clicking on the circle in the ‘Task Status’ column. Optionally you can hide any completed task by clicking on the button with the checkmark icon at the top right of the ‘Pitch Journal’ screen.

If a pitch task has been tagged as an ‘Email’ in the ‘Contact Type’ column the ‘Email’ tag in the ‘Contact Type’ column will be underlined and turn blue when the pitch notes have been added. Click twice on the ‘Email’ tag to automatically start your default email application and have an email created with the pitch notes as its body and the song title as its subject line.

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