The functionality of the rhyme clipboard has been expanded:

You can now access a rhyme worksheet which displays all the search words and rhyme mates that were transferred from Rhyme Genie to a particular song on one page. Click on the button marked with three dots in the top right corner of TuneSmith’s rhyme clipboard to show or hide the selected song’s rhyme worksheet. Delete any specific search word and all its related rhyme mates by clicking on the button with the minus sign next to the currently selected search word.

The lyrics revision history section has been refined:

Revision history entries which used to present an unchangeable snapshot of a song’s lyrics and notes fields now remain editable. This allows you to allocate an unlimited number of lyrics and notes fields to each song and to split the lyrics into several different sections (e.g. verse, chorus, etc.). Alternatively you can create a revision entry for the sole purpose of collecting additional ideas and wordlists relevant to the selected song.

TuneSmith’s sorting capabilities have been improved:

You can now keep the records of your song catalog sorted alphabetically at all times. Any newly added songs will be automatically sorted according to the selection made in TuneSmith list view. To specify a new sorting order, enter the list view and click the desired column header (e.g. main title, theme, genre, etc.). A small arrow will appear next to the record number to indicate your selection. Reverse the sorting order by clicking on the header more than once. Click on the column header 3 times or use the ‘Unsort All Records’ command in the ‘Edit’ menu to disable record sorting and show all records according to their creation date.

TuneSmith’s interface has been refined:

The pitch journal now allows you to track whether a song pitch has resulted in a publishing deal and when said contract term ends. The Mac version of TuneSmith now memorizes the last used screen size and position upon exiting and is fully compatible with OS X 10.10 (Yosemite). A bug that could create duplicate chord charts after importing (reverting to) a backup of TuneSmith has been fixed.

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