Editing Lyrics

To format your lyrics in the text editor you can use a variety of text styles and choose a font via a floating format menu.

Mark the text you wish to format and have the menu appear by clicking on the right button of your mouse.

If you use a one-button mouse press the control key when you click on your mouse.

You can also access the floating menu from within the song titles and copyright info fields when the ‘Song Info’ submenu is opened to format the heads of your lyrics sheets.

Whenever TuneSmith marks a word with a dotted red underline to indicate questionable spelling the floating menu will also allow you to look up spelling alternatives for the underlined word. Only the word that was actually clicked on with the right mouse button or with the help of the control key will be considered for spelling alternatives if multiple words are marked at the same time.

If you want to check the entire lyrics of a particular song, you can do so by clicking on the ‘Spelling’ button above the ‘Lyrics Editor’.

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