You may print the contact and profile information of your creative talents by clicking on the ‘Print’ button above the ‘Creative Talent’ entry fields.

Expand the standard print dialog of your operating system to specify whether to print a single record or an entire set of records. If necessary you can adjust the paper size and print orientation by going to TuneSmith’s setup screen and clicking on the ‘Print & Page Setup’ button.

If you wish to preview your pages before printing them, click on the button with the checkmark just to the left of the ‘Print’ button. Click the ‘esc’ button to exit the preview and return to the entry fields of your creative talents.

In addition to printing profiles of your contacts you can also print a variety of shipping labels. Click on the ‘Label’ button to the right of the ‘Print’ button to print the preferred addresses of one or more selected creative talents on standard Avery® shipping labels. Select a specific label format from the Avery® product line by clicking on the adjacent gray arrow to access a hidden pop-up menu.

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