Emailing Song Data

TuneSmith makes it easy to email information stored in the ‘Song Catalog’ to collaborators and clients.

Select ‘Song Info’ in the submenu and click on the button with the envelope icon to the right of the main menu.

This will send licensing and copyright information to selected third parties.

Specify the recipient(s) of your emails in a hidden pop-up menu by clicking on the small gray arrow to the right of the email button.

Follow the same procedure to exchange lyrics revisions with your collaborators when the ‘Lyrics Editor’ is selected in the submenu.

Whenever you click on the email button only the information that is actually visible on the screen will be included in the emails. You can exclude the notes entered next to the song lyrics as well as the song details entered in the right section of the ‘Song Info’ screen by hiding them with the help of the ‘Details’ button.

Whenever the audio player is visible you may automatically attach the currently selected audio file to the newly created email. The name of the email attachment will be identical to the name of the selected audio file, provided that TuneSmith did not have to filter out characters that are invalid for naming files on certain operating systems such as colons, asterisks, slashes, question marks etc.

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