Information Display

Click on ‘Creative Talent’ in the main menu.

A set of sample records of fictitious creative talents will help you to familiarize yourself with the program before you start entering information.

The information display shows the name of the creative talent that is currently selected. To the right of the creative talent’s name you will find two dates.The top date shows when you added the selected talent while the bottom date next to the icon with the pen represents the last time you modified the contact information on the creative talent.

All information about a particular creative talent is stored as a record. The records are sorted by their creation date.

The number in the upper left corner of the information display indicates which record number was assigned to the creative talent and shows how many records were found whenever a search was executed.

The number next to the folder icon just below represents the total number of records that you have entered into TuneSmith’s ‘Creative Talent’ compartment.

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