Audio Files

Below the copyright splits you will find TuneSmith’s audio player. It can serve as an audio notebook of song ideas and can be helpful in keeping track of different cover versions of finished songs. Each song can store an unlimited number of audio recordings in a wide variety of formats including MP3 (.mp3), ACC (.m4a), AIFF (.aiff) and WAVE (.wav).

The audio player can be hidden if not needed by clicking on the button with the speaker icon to the right of the main menu.

To import one of your existing audio files click on the folder button to the left of the audio player and make a selection in the file browser.

To rename any of your added audio files and maintain the metadata click on the pen icon that will appear to the left of the pop-up menu.

Common ID3 tags of mp3 files such as song title, copyright, composer and publisher can be automatically updated by TuneSmith to match the information entered into the ‘Song Info’ fields of the selected song.

Once audio files have been added to a song you can play them directly or select them via the audio player’s pop-up menu. TuneSmith will automatically remember the most recently selected audio file for each song.

If you want to share any of your previously imported audio files with collaborators click on the button with the storage media icon to export them to your desktop. Use the button next to it whenever you wish to delete the currently selected audio file.

Click on the arrow icon to the left of the pen icon to open the currently selected audio file in a separate ‘Audio Player’ window.

This ‘Audio Player’ window will float above TuneSmith’s main window and provide you with additional playback control options. It will also allow you to continuously play back the chosen audio file in the background regardless of which action is currently performed in TuneSmith’s main window.

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