Navigation Button

You can browse through all of your creative talents by clicking on the arrows of the navigation button:

Click on the right arrow to go to the next record. Click on the left arrow to go to the previous record. Click on the up arrow to go to the first record. Click on the down arrow to go to the last record.

Click on the ‘+’ sign to create a new record. Click on the ‘=’ sign to clone the selected record. Click on the ‘-’ sign to delete the selected record.

One of TuneSmith’s advanced features is to show related information that you have entered into a different storage compartment.

For instance you can look up the number of times you have entered a specific creative talent into the ‘Pitch Journal’ to find out how many of your songs you have pitched. You can also see if one of the songs that was pitched became a hit.

To access this information click on the ‘i’ button in the center of the record navigation button.

The related information will replace the creative talent’s name in the middle of the main display. Click on the ‘i’ to hide the related information and show the name once again.

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