Contact Data

To add a new creative talent click on the plus sign to the right of the record navigation button. Press the tab key to move from one entry field to the next. Clicking on the small arrow next to the pseudonym field allows you to specify how a creative talent will be identified in the ‘Song Catalog’ of TuneSmith.

An artist will typically be represented with his or her pseudonym while producers will usually be represented by their birth names in the copyright registration of a song.

If you have international creative talents, make sure to select the appropriate country from the pop-up menu above the street address field before entering the address. TuneSmith will label the address input fields accordingly to ensure that the address is properly formatted when printed.

You can input the name of any country that is not listed in the pop-up menu by selecting ‘Other...’ , in which case the address will have the US standard address format. If the creative talent resides in the United States, enter the ZIP code of his or her US address to have the corresponding city and state filled in automatically.

Use the selection buttons to the left of the address entry fields to add up to six addresses. A check box labeled ‘preferred’ next to the selection buttons lets you specify the default address of the creative talent.

This is the address that will be used for related records in other compartments, be it the copyright information about a co-writer in your ‘Song Catalog’ or the address information about a pitch contact in your ‘Pitch Journal’.

Go below the address entry fields to fill in the contact options such as email address(es) and phone number(s). Use the set of ‘preferred’ check boxes to specify the main contact option whenever a creative talent has multiple website addresses (‘URL’), email addresses, instant messenger addresses (‘IM’) or phone numbers.

Once you have entered a website or email address the corresponding field labels will be underlined and turn blue. Click on an underlined ‘URL’ to automatically go to the creative talent’s website with your standard web browser. Click on an underlined ‘Email’ to automatically start your default email application and create an email addressed to the selected creative talent.

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