Pitch Results

The results of your pitches are entered below the tasks in the ‘Pitch Result’ field.

Once a selection has been made from the pop-up list the cursor will jump into an adjacent dynamic field that will let you add more information.

If for instance you have chosen ‘song put on hold’ as your pitch result, you can enter the date of expiration, which represents the date when the song will become available again for subsequent pitches to other artists.

To get an overview of all your ‘Pitch Journal’ entries click on the list icon of the ‘View’ button at the top right of the TuneSmith screen. Sort the list by ‘Pitch Result’ to quickly see which of your songs have been put on hold and check the dates on which the hold periods expire.

Alternatively you may access this information directly in the ‘Song Catalog’ by clicking on the ‘i’ button in the center of the navigation button. The information display uses your ‘Pitch Result’ entries to show if the selected song is currently on hold, how many times the song has been pitched, how many times it has been recorded and highlights the highest chart position the song has ever achieved.

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