The functionality of the chord sheet editor has been expanded:

You can now generate chord sheets in the Nashville Number System format. To transform the chord symbols of an existing song, select the song's key in the drop-down menu at the bottom of the 'Guitar Chord Charts' section and click on the 'Nashville No. System' button. The calculated chord numbers are based on the chord's original position in the selected major key. If the song is written in a minor key, TuneSmith will follow the norm and calculate the chord numbers as if the song were written in the relative major of the selected minor key.

The song catalog printouts have been expanded:

You now have the option to print legally binding songwriter split sheets from within your song catalog. Click on the print button of the song info screen and make the appropriate selection in the pop-up dialog. Please note that the legal paragraph at the beginning of the songwriter split sheet merely serves as an example and should not be used without consulting your attorney first. Make the necessary changes in the legal paragraph by going to TuneSmith's setup screen before signing your first songwriter split sheet.

The graphic interface has been optimized:

A handful of interface issues have been corrected. A bug that could prevent chord charts from being printed correctly after you have imported or reverted to a previously created backup of your song catalog has been fixed. The overall performance of TuneSmith has been improved. PC users will benefit from full compatibility with Windows 8.1 while Mac users will benefit from full compatibility with OS X 10.9 (Mavericks).

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