Song Info

After you have familiarized yourself with TuneSmith’s interface by entering the data of your creative talents you can begin with the administration of your songs.

Select ‘Song Catalog’ from the main menu and choose ‘Song Info’ in the submenu to access the copyright information of your songs.

Below the main and alternative song titles you will find two fields for the general copyright info of the songs. Depending on your setup options this information will be printed below the song title on your lyrics sheets.

Below the general copyright info you can add an unlimited number of copyright splits per song. A copyright split represents the writer portion and the publisher portion of a song that is shared with collaborators and third parties.

If you are the sole creator of the song and share part of the publisher portion you will need to create one split entry for yourself and one split entry for your publisher.

Click on the plus sign in the first empty row and select a name from the copyright claimant pop-up menu, which lists all the ‘Creative Talent’ records that you have entered into TuneSmith.

In the pop-up menu you can quickly select a specific creative talent by typing his or her full name or part of it. To exclude certain creative talents from the copyright claimant list or specify the format of their names go to the address book of your creative talents. Click on the small arrow next to the pseudonym entry field to make the appropriate selection from the pop-up menu.

Any changes made in the address book will automatically affect all the songs in the catalog accordingly.

Complete your copyright split entry in your song catalog by choosing ‘Composer & Author’ in the copyright type pop-up menu. Enter the appropriate portion in the ‘Writer Portion’ column and in the ‘Publisher Portion’ column. Should you sign a contract with a subpublisher in the future you can easily add additional copyright splits to any song.

Once you have entered all collaborators you can print a legally binding songwriter split sheet. Click on the print button at the bottom of the song info screen and make the appropriate selection in the pop-up dialog.

Please note that the legal paragraph at the beginning of the songwriter split sheet merely serves as an example and should not be used without consulting your attorney first. Make the necessary changes in the legal paragraph by going to TuneSmith’s setup screen before signing your first songwriter split sheet.

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