The functionality of the audio recorder has been increased:

You are now able to edit the metadata of audio files added to TuneSmith's song catalog. Common ID 3 tags of mp3 files such as title, composer and publisher and can be automatically updated by TuneSmith to match the information entered into the song info fields of the selected song. Mp3 files forwarded to prospective clients via email attachments now include the contact info, the writer and publisher portions as well as the affiliations (PROs) of the creative talents.

The song catalog has been expanded with new song characteristics:

You can now track the mood, tempo and time signature of any given song. Enter an estimated tempo (e.g. Fast/Allegro) or specify the Beats Per Minute of a song in the 'Details’ panel. Additional BPM values can be entered for each audio file added to TuneSmith's song catalog to distinguish between different cover versions of a particular song. Each audio file can also have its own genre defined independently of the song's main genre. To follow the naming conventions of ID3v2 tags the genre of a specific audio file is limited to one of 125 pre-defined values in the ’Genre’ drop-down list.

The integration with Rhyme Genie has been improved:

The rhyme clipboard has been redesigned to show Rhyme Genie's last copied search word above the rhymes. Click on the arrow just to the left to access any previously copied search words and show their corresponding rhyme mates. The arrow above the rhyme clipboard now opens a hidden pop-up menu to give you the option to display the words and phrases separately and show the copied rhyme mates in alphabetical order.

A major bug has been fixed:

A major bug that could prevent the backup of customized selection lists has been fixed. Please note that this major bug merely affects the selectable values when a customized list is clicked on. It does not affect any existing data that was entered into a field. If you have customized a selection list in TuneSmith 3 it is advisable to back it up manually before installing TuneSmith 4. To do so select ‘Edit’ at the bottom of the desired selection list and copy and paste its content to a standard text document via your computer clipboard.

TuneSmith's interface has been refined:

All print preview subroutines have been optimized for greater speed and several minor bugs related to the chord dictionary and chord sheets have been fixed.

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